Urban Assembly

The Bronx Academy of Letters is an Urban Assembly School.  The Urban Assembly was founded in 1990 to address a wide range of poverty issues. In the mid-'90s UA spearheaded a major planning effort to transform a 300-block area of the South Bronx. That effort identified the lack of high-quality local secondary schools as a major concern and recommended creating three model high schools, each tied to a major local institution. In 1997, in partnership with the New York City Department of Education and New Visions for Public Schools, the Urban Assembly opened the first of these schools, the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, and in 2002 it opened the second, the Academy for Careers in Sports. Based on the success of those schools, the Urban Assembly was invited to submit proposals for two more schools. In 2003, the Bronx Academy of Letters opened along with the New York Harbor School, and, inspired by the commitment of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, shifted the organization’s focus exclusively to the creation and support of new small schools.  Twenty-two Urban Assembly schools are now up and running.  Learn more about the Urban Assembly.